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Monday, October 15, 2007
Thanks to an extra ticket from my generous cousin, I headed to Happy Valley on Saturday for what SHOULD have been a great game between Penn State and the Wisconsin Badgers.

So at least one Badger showed up - me. It seems they forgot to send the entire defensive team from Wisconsin otherwise. What a blow out. 38 - 7. We were back at the tailgate party halfway through the fourth quarter. Had we lost by a close margin, at least it would have been a good game - this wasn't .

Just last week the Badgers were ranked No. 5 and had aspirations for a national title. Now, they've lost two straight and are struggling. Needless to say, we are no longer in the Top 25.

The tailgate however, was awesome. Steamed crabs, grilled bratwurst and peppers, pork tenderloin, and the most awesome grilled scallops with Canadian bacon in a lobster bisque. Add the usual accoutrement's of good wine, cheese, crackers, and other munchies, and it was a real feast. And the weather was perfect. The wind got a little raw at the game, but sunny and cool - perfect for football.
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