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Sunday, September 23, 2007
time to come clean
or, more to reality, sweaty and tired.
I was the friend with whom Danilou went on the Humane Society Walk today. I did it for many reasons, but I did it in Taz's memory, to honor him (I know, still no snark! Damn late best friend's dead cat).

It was a beautiful day (a bit hot for my taste, but at least not as humid as yesterday) and I have *literally* never seen so many dogs in one place at one time.

One even ventured into my BATHROOM STALL at the public ladies room near the Washington Monument. I can honestly say: that's a first, having a dog walking on my feet whilst I'm trying to pee in a public bathroom.

AND--I raised $525 for the cause, by utilizing emotional blackmail: my cat just died, blah, blah, I'm doing the walk with another friend of my late best friend (which was true), blah, blah, it was the late best friend's cat could people NOT donate?

(And, Blogosphere, please give it up for Danielle, who raised a couple hundred smackers herself, solely based on Gizmo's cuteness.)

Now I'm tired. And I got shit to do. Sunday night. Ugh.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh WAIT---I almost forgot! Broadsheet herself sent me a text this morning (apparently she's not off the grid quite yet) and said she is having a fabu time, which I assume you will hear about post haste upon her return. But she also said (this is straight from my cell phone screen): "Tell the blog I said Nee-hao!"
Okay, I assume that's Chinese. Look it up. I would, but I'm too tired and have laundry to do. I also assume she meant for me to POST that on the blog, not TELL that to the blog, as the blog, not really existing and all, probably couldn't give a shit, right?
posted by Broadsheet @ 7:09 PM  
2 Editorial Opinions:
  • At September 24, 2007, Blogger danielle said…

    You posted that so quickly last night. Too bad I didn't have a picture of the fanny pack or that would have made it into my post! :)

  • At September 24, 2007, Blogger Zenchick said…

    you could have still WRITTEN about the fanny pack. I was surprised you didn't. yes, internets, I wear a fanny pack sometimes. In the front.
    Sue me.

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