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Sunday, September 16, 2007
A Hundred Decadent Spas
My gracious host in Beijing is treating me to a Thai massage and spa outing the day after our Bataan Death March on the Great Wall of China next Friday. Assuming I survive the hike - I'll definitely need the massage!

Coincidently, the NYT had an article in today's travel section on the emergence of upscale, decadent spas to cater not only to the influx of Western tourists like moi, but even more so to cater to the enormous numbers of Chinese who are now traveling and taking leisure time within their own country.
Chinese spas, sensing the potential of the relaxation market, are giving themselves a makeover, upgrading their services so they can compete with the finest health resorts in Asia. As the Chinese themselves have become travelers — China is becoming one of the largest sources of tourists in the world — they are demanding higher standards of service. With disposable income in upscale eastern cities, Chinese tourists and business travelers now have cash for indulging themselves. And since China features crowds, pollution and fierce traffic, Chinese travelers and foreign tourists often find spas essential to surviving the intense pace of life.
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