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Monday, February 26, 2007
No Worries
Well, I'm glad we took the bus with everyone else to get out to the resort yesterday. Our bus driver did a GREAT job in harrowing mountain whiteout conditions, while we enjoyed coffee, the Sunday NYT, snacks, and watched "Little Miss Sunshine".

Oddly enough, we drove through an ice storm on the east side of Keyser's Ridge, but as we came down the other side of the mountain into the resort, they had had nothing more than some morning rain. It was sunny and warmish when we arrived at about 2:00.

After checking in, walking around (this place is HUGE), checking out the shops on site, getting our bearings, and taking a short nap (I was exhausted from Saturday), we enjoyed a fabulous dinner of stuffed quail and a nice wine last night. The wine list here is 33 pages long. There is no bottle of wine <$45, and the vast majority of them are in the hundreds of dollars.

There is a vintage bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild for the bargain price of $3,750, and a couple of pages of wine in the thousand dollar range. Largest wine cellar in PA, and perhaps one of the best collections I've ever seen.

Same goes for the artwork. $45 million of art all through the place: Leroy Neiman, Norman Rockwell, Matisse, Hermes prints, native American artwork and artifacts, you name it - they've got it.

And I've got a BUSY schedule today!

7:00 AM - up and calling the office to make sure everyone got in because of the weather. Check Email, send work related emails.

8:00 AM - Coffee and newspaper. Watch the Oscar Highlights, read blogs / news.

9:30 AM - Head to Spa for a morning swim and a spin in the hot tub.

11:00 AM - Hot Stone Massage

12:30 PM - Lunch in the Spa Cafe'.

2:00 PM - Pedicure

3:00 PM - Tour of the resort's artwork with a docent.

4:00 PM - Skin consult

5:00 PM - Dress for dinner - head to Lobby Bar to meet people for drinks.

Tomorrow: Body scrub, Facial, more swimming, walking, repeat as needed.

Somewhere in there, I do need to spend about 4+ hours working on my budgets for next year. Can't avoid it. Need to have them ready for review first thing Thursday when I get back. Small price to pay for three days of decadence.
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