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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
San Diego Sampler
I'm exhausted. In a good way. I had one of nicest, most memorable days ever today. I attended my morning sessions, and then we had an amazing behind the scenes tour of the San Diego Zoo which included a tour of the vet hospital. We saw a juvenile tiger whose leg was broken, and they had him in an external fixator. That tiger got a LOT of free orthopedic consultation! The Zoo is truly world class. Their dedication to conservation, science, and the level of care they provide the animals is truly impressive. Everyone I interacted with had a truly deep and committed passion for what they do. It was a real privilege to meet them and see how they work. This is going to sound strange, but there are parallels to be drawn between zoo administration and hospital administration - I learned some things, and the lessons were not lost on me.

From the zoo, I headed off to explore the rest of Balboa State Park , and it simply takes your breath away. From the Spanish Market, the Botanical House, to the Carillon Tower, the Museum of Art, and Casa del Prado, what an amazing cultural and environmental legacy for the city. It's the Central Park of San Diego - and for good reason. I had a cocktail and a late afternoon snack at the Prado Restaurant in Casa del Prado, and made friends with the woman sitting next to me. She happened to be the curator for the Museum of Man, and gave me a free ticket to the exhibits!

At that point, I was beyond tired, and the last thing I felt like doing was jostling for a table for one on Valentine's Day, so it's work, "Lost", and room service tonight. In the meantime - here are some highlights of today's outing.


Panda - up close and personal We got to meet the Panda keeper and had an in depth presentation on their breeding and conservation programs.


This little guy was a total ham. He delighted in swinging around in front of everyone and taunting the adult females.

Flower Pool

I was struck by the contrast of this flower floating in a small pool of water. I'm pleased with the way the photo came out.

Prado Palisade

I had THE most beautiful late afternoon light to work with, and the promenade of Casa del Prado didn't disappoint.
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  • At February 17, 2007, Blogger Charissa said…

    WOw. Great pictures! I'm so sorry I am late in reading your blog... good stuff! I am so jealous of your zoo trip. That's the coolest thing ever!

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