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Sunday, February 11, 2007
To Do List
Borrowing a trick from Charissa, and because I have an appallingly long list of things to get done today, here we go:

1. Unload dishwasher - DONE!
2. Clean up kitchen and load dirty dishes, and run dishwasher - DONE!
3. Laundry - whites, darks, tans/khakis, jeans/blue stuff, reds and pinks - LAST load in progress at 5:30.
4. "Dry Clean" clothes for trip to San Diego - OK, thanks to Charissa again, I tried the dry cleaning laundry sheets you use in your dryer. Damn! They did an awesome job on my dress slacks. I'm doing a few silk blouses now- if it works, this is going to save me literally hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I spend between $20 - $30 a WEEK on dry cleaning. - DONE!
5. Clean out fridge - DONE!
6. Gather and put out recycling - DONE!
7. Clean out cat boxes and leave toys, food and litter for the neighbors who are kitty sitting the monsters while I'm away. - DONE!
8. Water plants - DONE!
9. Pay bills - DONE!
10. Put together camera bag. DONE!
11. Charge iPod, upload music for the trip, and find travel charging cord. - Charging iPod, found cord, will upload if I get a chance.
12. Make Power Point Slides for 9:00 AM presenation. - WORKING ON IT
13. Find spring / summer clothes - DONE!
14. Pack for San Diego - STARTED
15. Fold and put away / pack laundry
16. Change sheets on bed
17. Take out the trash / recycling. - DONE!
18. Print out boarding pass and get carry on bag assembled: laptop, conference papers, reading material, etc...

Note to readers, don't slip on the ice or fall and break anything next week. All the GOOD Orthopedic Surgeons will be out in San Diego this week.
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1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At February 12, 2007, Blogger Charissa said…

    Yay! Lists! Glad the Dryel worked for you. I love that stuff. And be careful in San Diego... we'll be thinking of you as we shiver in our iced-in rowhomes...

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