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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Luxury Problems
Whenever my friend "Betty in Beijing" and I travel together, and we find ourselves trying to decide between the more decadent of two choices, we always refer to them as "luxury problems". We've managed to survive serious, even life threatening, luxury problems in Baltimore, Brussels, London and the Caribbean, and although perhaps a tad more exotic, I expect to have more than our fair share when I visit her in China this fall.

Luxury problems can also occur whenever we find ourselves sipping wine with some unbelievable view at hand, on a perfect summer evening, or when providence provides that perfect moment when all is simply right with the world - even for that brief moment. Luxury problem indeed.

So it was this evening, when I met up with my neighbor at the local bistro up the street, aptly titled "b", to split a nice bottle of Pinot Noir (Tuesday is 1/2 price wine night!), and pour over the 15 page brochure of this resort, where we are headed for a 3 day mid-winter escape in a few weeks. Choosing between the various massages, facials, body treatments, scrubs, etc., to fill our time was most definitely a "luxury problem" in itself, and trying to leave plenty of time for reading, skiing, their pools and fitness centers, and making the most of the largest wine cellar in PA, was almost more than we could handle.

We persevered, and tomorrow, we will call and schedule appointments with destiny decadence.
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