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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Meanwhile, Other Conventions are also Ending
Namely, an ASHREA meeting (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), of which my brother is a proud member. Don't get me wrong, they've get some nice locations for their get bigger get togethers, like San Antonio and the like, but this time, while I'm out in sunny CA, he's freezing his you know what's off near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From the comments: Meanwhile, on the frozen tundra of Belgium, WI, I rolled out of bed to zero degree temperatures and a wind chill of -25F at the luxurious AmericInn Hotel. I finished off the day with a flight in a 19-passenger "school bus with wings" that practically had no heat. After delaying the flight for 40 minutes while they waited for 2 passengers from another flight, they had to turn around and bribe one passenger to deplane because the plane was overloaded. I felt much better knowing that we were taking off at the maximum weight limit of the plane. I finally got home at 10 pm - 6 hrs after our connecting flight touched down in Cleveland. I could've driven home in 2:15 hrs. Ahh, the conveniences of modern travel!

Too bad bro.

I'm off to La Jolla and a drive along the coast.....
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