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Monday, January 29, 2007
My day was just chock full of Bawlmore goodness. Before and after the Poodle Man and the carpet cleaners left, I did actually work a good bit and accomplished a lot. While the workmen were here, I made up a shopping list and later this afternoon, headed out with the intention of cooking Thai food for dinner.

Have you ever gone to the store with a recipe or list in hand, with one ingredient you really need to make the whole list work, an item they ALWAYS have - and they're suddenly out of it? So it was today at the 41st St. Superfresh and a much needed bunch of cilantro. The mere thought of going to another store just made me tired, and then I spotted an elderly black man, age indeterminable, with a slight stoop, wearing the Superfresh apron and a jacket coming out of the produce fridge with a load of stuff to restock the salad bar.

I stopped him and asked him about the cilantro, and he apologetically said he wasn't "supposed to" be working produce that day - just salad bar. I must have looked as dejected as I sounded when I said, "oh, thanks anyway", thinking that not only did they not have what I wanted, but I was getting lousy customer service in the process.

"Wait a minute miss, I'll go look for you - but I don't usually do this". Profuse thanks and brown nosing ensued on my end, and he shuffled off.

He returned with a full box of fresh cilantro and I thanked him again profusely for going out of his way for me, and now he was warming up. "Oh, miss, I'm just doin' what I hope people would do for me!", and I finally got a big, twinkly smile. "I've worked here over 30 years, and retired, but now I just work part time because I missed the customers."

He was wearing a thermal hoodie because it was cold in the fridge, and I could only make out a "BI" in block letters on his name tag beneath it, so I took a chance and said - "Thanks Bill!".

"Whadju call me?" he asked.

OOOOPS!! I thought, thinking I just made a huge faux pas.

Nothing could have prepared me for what was actually on his name tag:

With a big grin, he pulled back his jacket, flashed me a big gold tooth, and said:

"Mah name is BUNNY, Miss!"

I just cracked up, and thanked him again. A few minutes later, I saw him helping someone else in the Spice Aisle trying to find cloves, and teased him about not doing his "assigned" job, and he just flashed me the smile again.

The world needs more Bunnies.
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