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Thursday, January 25, 2007
The Invasion - Update
Well, it seems that over a year later, Nicole is still shooting scenes for the movie she was filming in October, 2005 here in Bolton Hill.

Now reshooting scenes in LA, she was slightly injured when the car she was in, which was being towed by a camera car, took a corner a little too tightly and hit a pole. The article describes the scene as one in which she's trying to shake zombies off the hood of the car while she's driving. There is no mention as to whether any zombies were injured in the making of the film.

They are saying that the film is now on track for a summer 2007 release, which doesn't sound promising given the fact that her costar, Daniel Craig, was named the new James Bond while they were filming here in Baltimore, and Casino Royale has already gone to DVD.
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  • At January 26, 2007, Blogger deanne said…

    Is this the same movie that's got zombies in it - I heard her car was 'fleeing' zombies and thence 'hit' a lightpole.

    Is ACW aware that there are zombies in the area!!

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