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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Own It
OK, by now you guys have figured out that I like to cook. I've often wondered about making this a food and wine blog, but it just seems a little one dimensional, and I don't have the chops to compete / compare with the folks that are actually DOING good food and wine blogs. Same thing goes for politics, culture, media..... you get my drift. I'd rather talk about stuff that interests me, and since I tend to be interested in a lot of things - you get a mongrel blog.

But back to the cooking.... I'll post plenty of recipes, events, and dinners that have been tremendous successes or achievements, recipes that are to die for, and restaurant reviews for places you should run out and try, but for every ten or so successes? There is a total and complete disaster of recipe, technique, ingredient, etc...

So I'm owning up to the craptacular dinner I made this evening:

Korean Seafood Pancakes

I first had these at a Korean restaurant here in Baltimore and LOVED them. They are very simple: Very thin, eggy, pancake batter with lots of scallions, bean sprouts and seafood tossed in. Kind of a thick, savory crepe crossed with an omelet after it slept with a frittata. They're fried in oil to make 'em fluffy, and served with an awesome sesame / soy dipping sauce.

The Korean market on the corner sells the pancake flour mix already done up, and all you need to do (so the Korean guy at the checkout counter tells me), is add two "reggs", and "WAH-tah", to the mix. The instructions on the package are all in Korean, so I take his word for it. The picture on the package displays the final product in all it's pancakey goodness. He even tells me to make sure to add enough oil to the pan in between pancakes, but I have really good, non-stick Calphalon stuff just so I don't HAVE to use all that extra oil, and I plunge on ahead.


Not so good. I had leftover crab meat I needed to use up, and some shrimp. I didn't add enough WAH-tah, didn't use the oil to make them crisp, the batter got doughy, and I ended up with Korean Seafood Glop.

It went down the garbage disposal.

Live and learn.

BUT - I will learn, and next time? I'll post pictures of beautifully prepared Korean Seafood Pancakes., cause they ARE worth doing right.
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