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Thursday, March 06, 2008
Paradise Pics
OK, here are some of the photos I couldn't post from Aruba because I forgot my stupid upload cable:

One Happy Island:

Colorful Dutch architecture:

My own private beach for five days. Pardon the smudge on the left hand side of the photo. Sunblock cream. The reef in the distance was easy to swim to, and the fish were amazing.

A Perfect Sunset. From the deck of the little beach restaurant down the sand path from my bungalow.

I'm not sure if this chicken / rooster was killed escaping from the BBQ, or is supposed to be advertising for it, but you can insert your own "Why did the Chicken Cross the Road" joke here.

Ruins of an old gold smelting refinery on the island that we hiked around one day:

An unwelcome visitor to the ruins. This is a banded python. I nearly stepped right on him before I saw him! They are not native to Aruba and are an invasive species. Some people think that they may have swum over from the Venezuelan jungles, or escaped as pets. This one was a good four feet long or more.

A much more welcome visitor. These guys were absolutely everywhere. There is another species that comes in a bright neon blue color.

You can browse some more photos here:
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