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Friday, February 29, 2008
Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes..
...Also seems to result in changes in hairstyles.

This is a beach vacation. I packed books, flip flops, sarongs, swimsuits, shorts, snorkel equipment, and T-shirts. I packed a few nice outfits to wear out to dinner.

I did NOT pack: a hairdryer, or ANY hair products. I brought mascara, one eyeliner, some shadow, and two lipsticks. I did, however, bring a ton of after sun skin moisturizer.

For some reason, my usually short, really thick, hair has gone all curly on me. I had my hair cut a week before I left, but just letting it dry with my fingers run through it down here, has resulted in a mass of soft, coppery curls. The salt water makes it extra curly. My hair has never been naturally this curly. Hope I can keep it going when I get back - but I doubt it, unless I can up the relative humidity, wind, dry it in the sun, and start taking salt water showers.
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