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Friday, February 29, 2008
Paradise Chronicles - 2 days left
Sorry for the no posting, but I've been alternately busy having fun and doing absolutely nothing at all.

Wednesday may have been one of the best days of my life - seriously. We chartered a catamaran Wednesday which sailed us along the coast and dropped us off at every interesting looking reef to goggle endless colors of fish and coral. We snorkeled a couple of shipwrecks too - including the WWII German freighter the Antilla which is one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean. Wonderful chef prepared us a gourmet lunch and there was open bar on board. The local drink call "Drunken Sailor" is true to its name. We came back, cleaned up, and took ourselves out to a nice dinner and to catch the sunset from the beach - again.

This has been one of the nicest, most relaxing vacations in years. I haven't been this happy or relaxed since I can't remember when. No job worries, no deadlines, no responsibilities, ...just three good friends and endless sunshine, nice restaurants, good wine, gorgeous beaches and great snorkeling.

I was tempted to take a picture of my Blackberry which has not rung once all week, and has proudly proclaimed "no new messages", and "no upcoming appointments" on its screen.

Yesterday we drove around the island and stopped at some deserted beaches to snorkel and packed a lunch of sandwiches and fresh fruit with a bottle of local rum and some diet cokes.

I haven't been this tan in years - although I'm still whiter than 90% of the people here. Aside from a case of "snorkelers butt" caused by too much sunshine on your bum as it bobs in the water while you stare at the fishies, I have avoided any serious sunburn.

The best part of the day may be when you get back to the condo around 5:30, take a cool shower to rinse off the salt and sand, and fix the first blender of cocktails in anticipation of another beach front restaurant to catch the sunset and have some wine.

Last night, we went to a local Aruban cunucu house with a fabulous garden setting for some local dishes. The place was over 150 years old, and absolutely gorgeous. Papiemento Restaurant. If you ever come to Aruba, I can highly recommend it.

Life is good.

Today is our last full day of lying on the beach and reading books. Tomorrow, we have to pack up and head home late in the day. Hopefully, you all have warmed up a little bit back North, now that we're headed into March.
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