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Monday, March 03, 2008
I brought the glorious weather back with me from Aruba - you're welcome.

Interestingly, the State Dept. hasn't issued any travel warnings or alerts for Venezuela, Columbia or Ecuador yet. I'm sure Aruba will be fine despite its proximity, but the cruise industry may decide to give those waters a wide berth if things go south with the current tensions between the countries, or if war were to break out.

In more cheerful news - it's gorgeous outside! I had to go in for my pre-employment physical and paperwork this morning. Filled out tons of paperwork, peed in a cup, got stuck for a PPD (Tuberculin) Test and had blood drawn, smiled for the ubiquitous photo ID badge in Security and basically got processed. Book 'em, Danno.

I tried to take myself to Petit Louis Bistro for lunch, but they are closed on Mondays, so I headed over to Miss Shirley's for a fried oyster salad and some iced tea. They do serve incredible food there. I got a side of fried green tomatoes, and brought home half of it to have with eggs tomorrow morning.

After stopping at the grocery store and dry cleaners, I took the car to get all the winter salt and grime washed off and headed home, where I discovered that the back yard is now bursting with little green shoots for all the bulbs that the landscapers put in back in November. Can't wait to watch them explode! I have the windows wide open, and the cats are sniffing through the screens like they'd never smelled the outdoors before.

BTW, if you head up to Roland Park, and drive down 42nd street to the Super Fresh, you pass a stretch of homes that have carpets and carpets of lilac snow crocuses in bloom already right before you hit University Parkway. If you need a little spring tonic - head over there and check it out.
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