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Thursday, July 12, 2007
The Power of the Internet
Or, more accurately, the problem with the Internet. This is one day's worth of Spam filtering for our organization:

Messages received by your organization in the past 24 hours
256478 Junk
14911 Good

Lovely. That's a whopping 5.5% valid email. I'll bet 50% of THAT is useless announcements, forwarded conversations, idle chatter, people sending each other jokes, and other wastes of time. So basically, about 3% of our email volume is actually useful.

posted by Broadsheet @ 4:17 PM  
4 Editorial Opinions:
  • At July 12, 2007, Blogger anonymouscoworker said…

    I'd say that 50% of the 5% is awfully generous. You're probably hovering closer to 1%.

    And people make jokes about batting averages.

  • At July 12, 2007, Blogger tfg said…

    I'm with ACW on that one.

  • At July 12, 2007, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    I actually used that percentage when I first wrote this, and then backed it down out of embarrasment.

  • At July 12, 2007, Anonymous DUDACKATTACK!!! said…

    If that's your company's email domain, then the company should give the workers a choice; Check email on lunch breaks via their own web-mail (if internet is available), otherwise, 1 warning then get the fuck out.

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