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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Oysters, Crabs, and PBS
So, I got a little preoccupied by having my entire family in town for the weekend to attend our family reunion. It was fun to see everyone, and the weather cooperated enough on Saturday that the old folks didn't pass out from the heat.

Things got off to a good start first thing Friday morning when I picked up my youngest sibling at BWI at 9:00 AM arriving via Buffalo. We had plans to head to the Walters for the Gees Bend Quilt Exhibit, but alas they didn't open until 11:00, and we had a pretty full agenda.

Instead, we headed to Whole Foods to buy supplies for the evening feast, and then headed to Faidley's for lunch and to pick up some soft shell crabs for the grill - a family favorite treat. We enjoyed a plate of the finest, freshest oysters EVER, and followed them up with one of their famous crabcakes and some sides.

While we were standing in line, we couldn't help but notice the incredibly good looking guy with the video camera trying to film the little old black ladies making the crab cakes, so we asked him what he was doing. He is a documentary film maker shooting a film on the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay and their disappearing way of life. I believe he's also tying together the story of the Mexican women who pick crabs and are now impacted by the new immigration policies. Anyway, he couldn't have been dreamier, and asked my sis and I if he could film us enjoying our lunch and ask us some questions. We'll end up on the cutting room floor I'm sure, but I'll be keeping an eye out for the finished film. It's called "Hands to Harvest", and should be finished this fall. The guy's name is Adrian Muys, and as soon as we hit the door at home, we ran upstairs and Google stalked him.

My sister and I tried to ignore the fact that he had a hot Indian British model type with him who was carrying all his camera gear and sound equipment. She didn't seem the girlfriend type, but given that he lived in London until recently, couldn't rule it out either.

Oh well. Our 15 minutes of fame were up anyway.
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