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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Badgers are number one for the fifth year straight!
Nope, not in hockey, football or basketball, but they are number one in the nation for Concrete Canoe Racing!!

I thought this was an article from The Onion at first, but it is a dead serious sport.
The U.S. competition, which drew 22 teams and more than 700 students, faculty and alumni to the University of Washington, Seattle, campus, was a real nail-biter, says Steve Cramer, a UW-Madison professor of civil and environmental engineering and the team's advisor. "You can't believe just how difficult it is to win this competition five years in a row," he says.
They're off to Holland to participate in the 30th annual Dutch Concrete Canoe Challenge in September.

I smell an Olympic sport here......
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  • At July 10, 2007, Blogger danielle said…

    Um. wow. I think I'll stick to wooden canoes and fiberglass/plastic kayaks. Those competitors look a little intense for me.

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