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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Goldilocks and the Three Contractors
So, I've got all these home improvement projects going on this summer, and it seems that I spend an hour or more a day calling contractors, landscaping people, HVAC people, Flooring people, etc., just following up on, or arranging times for, all of them to come over and give me estimates.

BUT - today I hit upon the perfect solution for getting the lowest bid for projects outside your home where you don't need to be present for the estimate.

I called three companies that were recommended for tree removal to get the giganormous tree out of my courtyard and the stump ground down. I picked (A) a guy who is bonded and insured and does his own stuff, (B) a Tree and Stump Removal Company, and (C) the local franchise of a large National Tree company who has been charging me upwards of $700 a year just to prune the damn thing.

Little guy (A) left an envelope in my storm door with a quote on it on Tuesday. I nearly choked. He wanted more than $2,800 to take it down.

Last night? I got home and there were TWO envelopes in my back door. The first one I opened was from company (C), and was cheaper than (A), but still around $2,000.

The second envelope, containing the third quote, was from company (B), and was JUUUUST Right as Goldilocks would say.

Because, under the furiously scribbled out first attempt, he simply low balled company (C) by $500. He apparently looked at the competition when he found the envelope in my door after he drew up his initial quote.

So now I can get the whole thing done for $1,500 and save over $1,300 from the first quote.

From now on, I'm going to simply draw up a quote from a fictitious company for the amount I'm WILLING to pay - and leave it somewhere for the competition to accidentally "find".

My very own contractor's version of
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