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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Bad Business Model
Dear Inner Harbor Best Buy,

It is SOOO worth it to me to drive a measly extra 10 miles to the Timonium location for a store that is three times as large, with twice as much stock and merchandise, and which doesn't ass rape me for $7.00 to park in the garage for 40 minutes ($11 if you stay an hour) because they don't validate parking!

On top of that, the kid at the checkout counter had never heard of Tivo. Guess it's gonna be a while before you make sales rep buddy.

Good luck at that location. I won't be going back.

Yours truly, Broadsheet
posted by Broadsheet @ 2:27 PM  
3 Editorial Opinions:
  • At June 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I completely agree. The only reason to ever shop at the inner harbor is if you are alread there. Otherwise everything else can be had someplace else with easier and more convenient parking.

    Of course of Baltimore had a public transit system worth a damn this might not be as big an issue.

  • At June 24, 2007, Blogger Charissa said…

    I've never been to date, but even though I'm 2.5 miles away... I'm not interested. Thanks for the glowing recommendation. ;)

  • At June 25, 2007, Blogger Summer said…

    totally. I'll drive to Nottingham before the inner harbor, even though it's so much closer. Big Box stores are for the suburbs anyway. It makes the harbor seem even more soulless to see the Best Buy there. I'm boycotting.

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