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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Killing Two Birds with One Stone??
After reading and watching a couple of disturbing articles regarding the increasing amount of plastics we are putting into the environment, I've started trying to cut back by using canvas shopping bags, and not buying bottled water. I bought one of those Soda Makers because I drink a ton of sparkling water. It works pretty well, but the gas canisters are a pain to send back and forth.

Anyway, what if plastic could be recycled back into oil? I mean, it's a pretoleum product anyway - right?

Well, it looks like someone may have figured out how to do just that.

Less waste, more oil. It's a good thing. Now the question remains as to whether doing this sort of thing on any large scale is realistic.
posted by Broadsheet @ 10:34 AM  
5 Editorial Opinions:
  • At June 28, 2007, Anonymous DUDACKATTACK!!! said…

    It's a good idea but it all boils down to cost- not just in dollar terms. I'm more curious to see how much energy it requires to produce the final product.
    In other words, if you are burning 1 pound of coal in electrical use (meaning more coal emissions) to produce a petroleum product equal to 1/2 a pound of coal enrergy, is it worthwhile?

  • At June 28, 2007, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Duda: My energy efficiency guru of an engineer brother writes: I saw this one today too. I forwarded it to Dad. It is a sustainable process too, meaning it uses less energy than it recovers.

    Sounds good !

  • At June 28, 2007, Anonymous DUDACKATTACK!!! said…

    Nice to hear of something that really works and doesen't need the ANWR spin.

    Couldja skip the punctuations and just copy and paste my name? How would it feel if I started calling you BROAD?

  • At June 28, 2007, Blogger Broadsheet said…


    I'm sorry I slighted your handle, but I can't read it without whistling the Dood-da, doo-da refrain from "Camp Town Races" in my head.

    Pray tell, what is the meaning of thy moniker?

  • At June 28, 2007, Anonymous DUDACKATTACK!!! said…

    Oh jeeebus, you caught me late getting the last doses of broadband before I head northward to a one-phone house and resort to my cell to check my email.

    My moniker equals 1/2 Polish surname and the other half comes from the Friday afternoon glory days of gaming on a LAN with about 30 other enthusiastic members of the white-collar slaves at the mighty AOL headquarters in Dulles. It was funny, and it stuck. The Mobtownshank seems to love my insight.

    But with great (humour) power comes great responsibility..

    I've heard my name in the Camp Town Races bit before, from an old supervisor. He was funny enough to go as far as to post it on a memo. These days, he gets a funny look in his eye when my name is mentioned. Good times.

    That's about all I can give away since I have a scorched earth policy with right wing blogs by using WMD's of facts, history and reality. 'Dem low-tooth-per-capita feller's don't seem to take it to well and I'd perfer to keep them at least a Unertl's distance.

    Happy 4th. I'll be back in town armed and ready with a dialysis appointment for Artscape.

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