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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Holiday Wine Tasting
Sponsored by the Wine Source in Hampden - anyone interested? Contact me!

Holiday Wine Tasting at b, Bolton Hill Bistro

Monday, 5 December, 6:30-9 pm, at b, 3601 Bolton Street

$40 per person. Tickets are limited! For reservations, please call us at 410.467.7777.

Join us as we sample an exciting selection of fifteen wines from around the world! Enjoy our favorite whites, reds, and sparklers alongside tasty treats from b, including house smoked bluefish mousse, jerk pork satay, and deep-fried stuffed olives. Not only will all of the wines be available for sale at special discount prices, but also if you buy 12 bottles or more, you will receive $40 off your purchase! Have fun AND stock up for the holidays! Buy a mixed case of holiday fun and the tasting will have been FREE.

Find out what we're pouring! (.PDF)
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
To Do List
This is primarily a post to myself. Feel free to ignore it. This weekend is the first weekend in months that I don't have any major social obligations (barring, of course, the opening gala of his new store), and I am reasonably healthy for the first time since Labor Day weekend - quite literally. Needless to say, there are a ton of things that have been neglected and need attention in my life. So here is the weekend task list.

1. Clean up yard. It's a whopping 20' x 60', so this will not be hard, nor take very long, although my rib isn't completely healed, so I have to be careful.

2. Clean fireplace.

3. Wash windows.

4. Paint window frames in kitchen, den and guest rooom.

5. Put summer clothes in winter storage and vice versa.

6. Create annual Goodwill bag of old clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgets, etc.

7. Put up Xmas decorations.

8. Pay bills and do Homeowner's Association Treasurer chores.

Add the usual errands to the dry cleaners, post office, wine store and grocery shopping and there goes the weekend.

OK, now that I've publicly committed to all of this, let's check back on Monday and see what actually got accomplished.
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Michael Jackson not the biological father of his kids
And in another issue of News of the Even More Obvious we have this.......
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Liberal Party Loses Vote of Confidence in Canada
Well, I can't say we didn't see this coming. A no-confidence vote for Canada's Liberal Party has been rumored for months now, after scandals rocked the country regarding election graft and money laundering.

Too bad we can't call for a note of "no confidence" when things start to go south here. Sure would make four years more tolerable if there was a safety valve when they screw up less than a year into their second term.....

Anyway, since we don't have that luxury, we can at least watch from afar with amusement as Canada struggles with it. Sadly, they seem to be left with a choice between bad and worse, with no real positive or hopeful options to get people excited. They will have the same Liberal versus Conservative battles, although I dare say that they will be far more oriented towards things like policy, finances, and traditional state values (ala Quebec), than ideology or religion rhetoric tearing the country apart.

Oh, Canada.....
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Monday, November 28, 2005
In this week's issue of News of the Obvious, researchers in Australia have determined that longer needles are required in buttock injections if you want to get the drug into the buttock muscle and not the fat tissue.

Reporting that standard sized needles did not reach the muscle in 23 out of 25 subjects, the researcher noted that:
"There is no question that obesity is the underlying cause. We have identified a new problem related, in part, to the increasing amount of fat in patients' buttocks," Chan said.

"The amount of fat tissue overlying the muscles exceeds the length of the needles commonly used for these injections," she said.

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Gimme an Rx! Cheerleaders Pep Up Drug Sales
This is precisley why I left the pharmaceutical industry 20 years ago. I felt like a cross between Vanna White and an airline attendandant - not a cum laude science major who is supposed to sway medical opinion based on peer reviewed journal facts and figures.
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Friday, November 25, 2005
Mike Brown, disgraced and ousted as head of FEMA over the Hurricane Katrina disaster, is starting his own emergency preparedness consulting firm.

No, this is not something from the The Daily Show (although I can't WAIT to see Jon Stewart's take on this!), nor it is a parody from Saturday Night Live. This guy is now proving once again how utterly clueless he is, and what a complete and total lack of self awareness he has. What a tool.
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The Day After
You know what's even better than Thanksgiving Day with a wonderful meal, the whole family milling about, and hanging around the fireplace? The day AFTER Thanksgiving.

There is no agenda.

I don't owe anyone anything that's due.

I have no deadlines to meet.

There are no expectations of me.

I don't have to make any decision harder than which book to read, or which leftover to eat, because there is no shopping or cooking to be considered.

There are no nagging household chores waiting to be accomplished, because I'm not home!

There is no where I have to be at any given time, only where I want to be.

Sleep can occur in the form of naps at any time at all.

The term "hanging out" becomes a reality.

Now, you'll have to excuse me while I go have some more coffee, followed by a sauna and a steam shower, and then some reading and perhaps a nap after lunch. Or maybe a movie with the kids, or maybe more reading, or maybe just playing with the kids, or....maybe the possibilities are endless.
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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Back to Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie...
I'm home at my parent's place with the entire family for the first time in about 7 years! The entire 10 years I worked at my old job, I was the "Administrator On Call" for Thanksgiving weekend. It wasn't entirely disruptive, it just meant I could never leave town on Thanksgiving unless I traded coverage with someone (like I did last year to go to London over the holiday).

Alas, despite looking forward to this 4 day break, my bad travel karma continued yesterday.....

I left work at 3:30 PM. After getting gas, picking up some wine, and wending my way over to Security Blvd., I finally got on Interstate 70 at about 4:30. From there, it normally takes me about 5 hours to drive the 300 miles across Maryland and cut up through the mountains by Altoona, and then across to Northwest PA and home.


I-70 was a parking lot from Baltimore to Frederick. Past the I-270 split, it got a little better for a while, but we quickly slowed to less than 50 mph. The closer we got to Breezewood, the worse the traffic got. Not having any desire to spend 45 minutes trying to cut through Breezewood and battle what was surely even more traffic on the PA Turnpike, I continued on I-68 to Rocky Gap and cut up Rt. 220 through Bedford. It added about 20 miles to the trip, but I was finally making decent time.

Until I hit the raccoon. Head on. Sixty miles an hour with the front end of the BMW. Poor thing never knew what hit him, and I did not see him until he was directly in front of me. Dark night, winding country road....wrong place, wrong time. Even with the BMW's steerable headlamps, it was unavoidable. After the raccoon, I was paranoid beyond measure about hitting a deer (especially after passing a half dozen carcasses on the road), so I slowed down considerably, but was still making better time than I had been since leaving Baltimore.

As soon as I turned left to cut across the mountains at Altoona, onto Route 22 and 422 - the snow started. They were predicting 5 inches, but I had hoped it would start later in the evening, and what I didn't count on were the extremely high winds and near white out conditions. I couldn't see a thing - not even the road. I put my hazard lights on and crawled along with everyone else at about 25-30 miles per hour for remainder of the trip. The snow and wind were unrelenting, and I had to take some back roads which were unplowed, unsalted, and drifted over. White knuckles all the way. I thought about pulling off and getting a motel room, but the weather today is even worse, so I'm glad I eventually made it home in one piece. I was very glad to be driving an all wheel dirve, heavy German car - I didn't slide or fishtail once, but I passed plenty of cars off the road and in the ditch.

Nearly eight hours after I left Baltimore - I finally got home just before 11:15 PM. My trip computer noted that my average speed over the entire 300 miles, was only 41 miles per hour.

To add insult to injury, I woke up and saw that I had slept until 9:20 - woot! I slept well, and that's the latest I've slept in months. I wandered out to the kitchen to find Mom making berry smoothies and coffee, and wondered why no one else was up. "You're up early", she said. I looked at the kitchen clock, and yep - you guessed it. 8:30. The guest room alarm hadn't been set to daylight savings time....

Oh well. Hope you and yours are thankful for all the positive things in your life, and enjoy the day with your families, friends, and loved ones.

I think there is some night time sled riding on the agenda this evening with the neices and nephews....
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Monday, November 21, 2005
Hanging with the Roller Girls
OK, that's it. I am officially OLD. A very good, if somewhat disturbing review (with pics to match) by my blogger bud Tracy about the art of just hanging around - by your skin. ICK. You guys sure know how to have a good time!! Although, I must admit, the blogger kickball smackdown on Saturday sounded like a good time indeed, and far more my speed (and taste).
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Oral sex linked to mouth cancer
I'm just guessing here, but like the news earlier this year that Viagra can cause blindness, this new study out of Sweden, is likely to be soundly ignored.
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Friday, November 18, 2005
Woot - one of my managers invited me to the Ravens / Steelers game on Sunday!!!

Go Steelers!

(sorry Jason)
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Buy a sticker!

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Unhappy workers 'risk becoming ill'
"Workers who are unhappy in their jobs are more likely to become ill, according to research."

Oh, really? I must be an outlier then. I have been more ill (staph infection, surgery, allergic reactions, flu/pneumonia) in the last 4 months when I love my new job, than anytime in the previous 10 years when I hit some pretty deep lows here and there.

My cough is back today and annoying the heck out of me and everyone around me. And it's Employee Appreciation Day!!

To be honest, the report focuses on things like depression, self esteem and anxiety, and on those fronts - then yes, I am much "healthier" lately!
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Spots and Hots
OK - so how was I to know that such a GREAT Dive Bar existed about a mile from my house??

It's Molly's Public House, and she was the first person I met walking in the door last night. Of course, there was eebmore, in all his sexy new baldness distracting me from newcomers, so I gave him a good, solid, stubble rub.

Molly has an amazing establishment, with amazing art, and an amazing space - for someone who, I swear, is four feet tall and can't be seen behind the bar, but pulls a tap and slings a draft with the best of them. Seriously though, she is a wonderfully creative and talented artist.

Some things about Molly's:

1. It's long and narrow. The easiest way to the restroom is out the front door of the bar, down the sidewalk, and in the back door to avoid negotiating the crowd.

2. The ladies room is also the walk-in beer fridge, so you'll never know who might walk in on you, and you may have to wait if they need to restock the bar. Asking a male friend to stand watch outside the "Men's Room" is the popular option. Aside: Why do establishments with single sex, single stall bathrooms differentiate at all?? If there is a single bathroom available in any establishment, I take it. A lock/latch on the door guarantees privacy, and cleanliness is a combination of personal taste and tolerance.

OK, so where were we???

3. Molly's has food. A daily special, pizza and soup of the day/week. Wednesday night's special is steamed shrimp. I wasn't in the mood for shrimp, and asked Neckbone if he would share a pie with spots if I ordered one. "What are spots"? the lumbering ex military fraternity refugee replied.

Sigh. "You are really not from around here are you?" Spots on a pizza are pepperoni.

This lead to a whole discussion about 'Hots' and what constituted 'hots' (pickled Jalapenos were the popular answer, but the category of "cherry hots" is open for debate).

Meanwhile, back in the bar......

Snay was hugging anything that moved (or breathed for that matter).

Molly had an old door created for blogger logging, and excuse the quality of photos from my cell phone, but here is the answer to the "chalk incidents".

OK, a partial list of the conspirators...

Fool demonstrating what would become the "body art" of the evening - chalk hands.

But at last, we have


All is right with the world. least it was for a few brief moments on Wednesday, 11/16.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the charity event of the evening. We took a collection for the two lovebirds, and they will have their own room at the next Happy Hour. They will have to share with these two alarmingly hip youngsters.
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Great American Smokeout
PSA Alert. Today is the Great American Smokeout. Good thing, because after last night's Blogger Happy Hour, I had to put my clothes in the guest room to air out and take a shower before bed to get the cigarette smell out of my hair.

You people may not be a bunch of drunks, but you sure smoke like fiends!

This was a PSA - review of the loveable drunks, sober chain smokers, and the PDAs (as opposed to PSA and you know who you are) from last night will appear later...... also the explanation as to why there was a big chalk handprint on my ass when I got home. I seem to remember there was a real theme to this aspect of the evening.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Georgia Woman Weds 15-Year-Old
Let me get this straight: A 37 year old woman can LEGALLY marry the 15-Year-Old father of her unborn child (ick), but it is ILLEGAL for consenting gay adults to marry???

"In Georgia, a person must be 18 to marry without parental consent or 16 to marry with parental consent. But if the couple has a child or the woman can show she is pregnant, the age requirement doesn't apply."

Way to go Georgia.

Luckily, it is still illegal to have sex with a 15 year old, so the skank is in jail, but still..... ick.
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US used white phosphorus in Falluja
This news article confirms just some of what I heard at dinner Sunday evening with my Embassy friends. Falluja was destroyed, and calling white phosphorous an "incendiary weapon" instead of what it truly is - a chemical weapon - is like saying an in-call escort is not a prostitute (walks like a duck, talks like a duck). What happened at Falluja, from what I was told, was an all out, whole scale destruction of the city by any and all means available. There were a lot of civilian casualties.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Free Agents
Say goodbye to Sosa and Raffy. Too bad for Sosa, he just never lived up to or delivered the hype, and Raffy Palmiero??? I got just one thing to say to you buddy: Pete Rose.
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2 down 7 to go
In the last 2 days, one of my cats, Peanut, has used up 2 of his nine lives. Sunday, he was chasing a moth in the house, and climbed the screen in the kitchen window to try and get at the moth on the ceiling. The $$$ NEW kitchen window. The CUSTOM screens for the $$$$ kitchen windows. The cat weighs a good 14 pounds. Peeled the screen right out of the @$%&%$@ frame.......

Peanut also has a fondness for pens and lipstick. He loves to knock them off the desk, dresser, or sink, and bat them around. I can never find a pen in the den or the kitchen when I need one unless I go looking in the corners and under the furniture. He'll even dig them out of my purse if I don't keep it out of his reach. Last night, he batted a lipstick off the sink in the powder room, that I had carelessly left there in a last minute touch up before rushing out the door to the theater on Sunday. Sadly, the cap was also off the lipstick and it was screwed open.

I now have big, bold, schmeers of 'Estee' Lauder Merlot' all over my hardwood floors and the hallway runner. Any ideas on getting it out??

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Monday, November 14, 2005
Impressions of Iraq
I'm not even sure where to begin. I learned so much and heard so many amazing, horrific, and heartwarming stories about the war and the US presence in Iraq yesterday, that I could probably post about it all week. But a couple of things will prevent that: One; I simply don't have the time, and two; a lot of what I was told was a private conversation between friends. Friends who are still actively working in Baghdad, and I don't want to betray those confidences. Don't go thinking there's any cloak and dagger stuff here - there's not - it was just a conversation between friends and it should stay that way and off the internet. A couple of things I can say from an overarching perspective are this:

1. Chalabi is a creep. A snake, a charlatan, and a con man who would sell his own mother if he thought he could benefit from it personally. He cannot be trusted.

2. There is a plan for Iraq, but it is currently not very effective despite a lot of smart, brave, people doing their level best. The insurgents are everywhere and getting smarter and more desperate.

3. The Bush administration (i.e. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, etc...) don't have a CLUE as to what is really going on over there, and there is NO accountability for any of it.

4. My friends do not serve at the pleasure of the President, they serve in spite of it.

5. It is safer today in Baghdad than it was last fall by far, but that is because of tight lockdowns and constant military presence and control. It is well and truly effed up over there and we will not be able to walk out of this thing cleanly. We will eventually need to leave, and we will leave it in a state far less stable and more damaged than when we invaded, and there is a significant likelihood of civil war when we do.

6. Eventually, R. thinks that Iraq will likely end up resembling the remains of Yugoslavia; with the Kurds, Shiites, Sunii-Arabs, and Bathists each carving out their own state or sovereignty.

7. I asked R. if there was any one report that showed up in the media where either because of military filtering or other misinformation, was mostly or completely incomplete or wrong. He thought for a minute, and said - You know when things were so bad in Falluja last spring with the Sunii uprising, and we had to go in there and take control? Well, they got control all right. They wiped Falluja off the face of the earth. The only way they could get control was by destroying the city. It looks like Hiroshima. That never made the US papers.

8. Daily life at the Embassy compound in Baghdad is incredibly, incredibly difficult and regimented due to security issues.

9. I never want to go to the Baghdad International airport. A. is in charge of logistics there, and I couldn't believe some of the stuff she reported regarding conditions. She has done a HUGE job in cleaning it up and getting it running more smoothly. I fully believe she could run the Olympic Games single handedly if we let her.

10. We made a huge mistake by entering into this war. Period.
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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Springsteen for Senate?
An open letter to Bruce...

It would be something to behold. Thunder Road.
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Thanks for everything Barry
Too bad they couldn't give you a win on your last home game.

But after 16 years as the head coach for the University of Wisconsin Badgers, 3 Rose Bowl Titles, and a 116-73-4 record - you have nothing to regret.

This says it all: "In the last game before Alvarez came to Wisconsin, an announced crowd of 29,776 showed up at Camp Randall as the Badgers finished the 1989 season 2-9. On Saturday, 83,184 packed Camp Randall."

Thanks for bringing football back to Madison.
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Japan princess in royal farewell
Princess Sayako, 36, is the only daughter of the Emperor of Japan and will assume the life of a commoner whe she marries her 40 year old boyfriend, a government worker making about $60K a year, later this week.

The princess will have to learn to drive, shop, cook, and do everything that living in the Imperial Palace for 36 years does not require you to do.

She will get a one time $125 million gift from her family, and then she's on her own. Some dowry huh?

There's one thing she and her boyfriend have in common. They both live at home with their parents. Her fiance, Yoshiki Kuroda, currently lives in a 650 square foot apartment with his mother. Ick.

My advice? Run while you still can girlfriend. Take the money and go have a ball out in the world.
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Saturday, November 12, 2005
How to lose friends and alienate people
This week's Economist has a great editorial on Bush's stance regarding torture of detainees.

This week saw the sad spectacle of an American president lamely trying to explain to the citizens of Panama that, yes, he would veto any such bill but, no, “We do not torture.” Meanwhile, Mr Bush's increasingly error-prone vice-president, Dick Cheney, has been across on Capitol Hill trying to bully senators to exclude America's spies from any torture ban. To add a note of farce to the tragedy, the administration has had to explain that the CIA is not torturing prisoners at its secret prisons in Asia and Eastern Europe—though of course it cannot confirm that such prisons exist.
"We do not torture" has got to be one of the most overhwhelmingly hubristic things this guy has ever uttered. Except of course for maybe "Mission Accomplished" back in 2003.
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Friday, November 11, 2005
Remember Why
Today is Veteran's Day. For the last 3 years, this day has had that much more meaning than other years, and sadly this year, there are more than 2,000 brave Americans who remind us why we stop and remember their sacrifice today.

But they aren't the only ones. There are a million ways to serve your country, and the thousands of State Department workers, Intelligence workers, Contractors and other people over there and around the world are Veterans too.

Two of those people are in town this week. I've posted letters from my dear friends R. and A. who are stationed at the US Embassy in Baghdad. There are no two finer people representing the US to the Iraqi people. None. R. literally puts his life on the line daily by representing the US as the Sr. Diplomatic envoy who meets and brokers relationships with the governors, mayors and other elected Iraqi officials. He is a target for extremists every day. It's just one of the many reasons he was called back to DC this week to receive an honor for his service from Condoleeza Rice. A. has the unenviable task of running the day to day HR operations at the embassy. Staffing, counseling, food, shelter - talk about logisitics!

I'm looking forward to seeing them and spending some time with them this weekend. I bought my house from them, and their mother has become a very good friend and neighbor. As always, I'm sure the conversation will be intense and lively, and I'm very much looking forward to getting an insider's view on exactly how things are going over there without the media and military filters fogging it up.

What I do know is that on today of all days, it's people like R. and A. that remind me of how much we've sacrificed, and that they are all heroes. R. and A. certainly are.
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Best day at work ever.

If not THE best, at least one of the top two or three.

Had my probationary evaluation with my boss this afternoon to find out if they're gonna keep me after 4 months. I was looking forward to it, and thought it would go pretty well, but DAMN! Even the CEO wrote a terribly flattering note in the eval., and my Medical Chairman was actually embarrassing in his praise. My self esteem hasn't felt this good in years. After a lot of blushing, pshawing, thank you's, and you shouldn't haves; I went out in the hall and did the Happy Snoopy Dance. I'm downright giddy.

Did I mention that I love my job?? Nothing like some positive reinforcement and praise to make you want to do an even better job.

Best move I've ever made.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
FINALLY! I wouldn't shed too many tears for Judy Miller. Her book deal will be worth more than her next few year's of salary at the NYT.

OK Karl Rove - you're next.....
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I've got some bad news, and some more bad news
These were the today's headlines in a daily executive healthcare newsbriefing I receive every morning:


1. Leaders Share Flu Pandemic Concerns

2. Trauma Centers Ill-prepared for Disaster

3. An Early Edge for Ehrlich's Rivals

4. Senate Acts to Trim Medicare, Medicaid

5. Survey: U.S. Prone to Medical Errors

6. Cancer Survivors Require Better Follow-Up, Study Says

7. Pharmacist Shortage Worsens Nationwide

Cheerful - no? Well, OK, #3 offers some hope......
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School board that backed intelligent design ousted
Now THAT'S intelligent Design!

Eight of the nine Dover Board of Education members lost their seats in last night's election over their support of intelligent Design. The only reason one was left? They weren't up for re-election last night.

Interestingly, the Federal Trial in which the Board members were embroiled regarding teaching ID in the classrooms came to a close last Friday. A court decision is expected in January, and the new Board members will be sworn in on December 5.

Rather than claiming that the board members lost their seats by supporting ID, a spokesman simply stated that the community felt this one issue was polarizing the community and overshadowing too many other, more important ones, and that the community wanted to shift the focus to other platforms.

Other communities would do well to take note.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Stream of Consciousness
I had a really good day at work today. Productive, accomplished a lot, scored points with the boss, and mentored an up and coming staff member, while the useless waste of space staff member that I've been hounding like a dog since I got here 4 months ago finally took the hint and "took another position" today. Whooot!

Mt. Washington Tavern makes the world's BEST Oyster Po' Boy - word. Bacon, cheddar cheese, FRESH roll - the best. Ever.

When I ask how old your toddler is, I don't need to know in months. "27 Months." "He's two," will do just fine. He's not a cheese. And I didn't care in the first place.

I'm going to the opera Thursday evening. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but hey, a date is a date.

I coughed so hard last night that I tore / sprained a chest muscle. Ouch. Now I have to grab my left boob every time I cough to hold the muscle in place, or it feels like I'll break a rib next.

There's no such thing as flavored water. You want flavored water? Pour some scotch over ice and let it melt. That's your flavored water.

I'm going to the theater / dinner with two senior diplomats to the Iraqi Embassy on Saturday. One of them is in town receiving some big award from Condi Rice at the State Dept. tomorrow. Submit your questions now, and I'll get you the inside scoop on the goings on over in Baghdad.
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Enter senators, and returns go sky-high
In this week's news of the obvious, a recent study by Georgia State University shows that Senators are uniquely skilled at investment trading.

The academics who conducted the study looked at 6,000 stock transactions made by senators between 1993 and 1998. They noted that the senators did an especially good job of picking up stocks at just the right time - their buys were typically flat before they bought them, but beat the market by 30 percent, on average, in the year after.
Insider trading anyone? The brightest stars on Wall Street only get 3-6% above the market. The US Senate averages a whopping 12% better than the market.

With investment wizards like this running the country, you'd think we'd wipe out the deficit overnight.

Yeah, right.
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Monday, November 07, 2005
Furnished Room to Let?
Hey internet -

I need a furnished room for a visiting physician from Germany from now until the end of January. Nice guy, 27, non-smoker. I can vouch for him. He doesn't have a car, so it needs to be near the buslines and / or somewhere that we can arrange to get him to and from work with a ride.

Contact me via this blog if you live in or around Baltimore and can help me out.
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Like Butter
JOHN BERRY, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL ZOO: It is the cutest face you can imagine. I'm telling you, I am glad his enclosure is made of concrete, because if it was steel, he'd melt his way out. He is that cute.

HT: Wonkette
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The Agony of Defeat
So...I traveled all the way to Happy Valley, PA on a glorious, warm, November day with my cousins and friends to watch my beloved Wisconsin Badgers go down in a humiliating 28-14 defeat to the Penn State Nittany Lions.

In fact, 109,865 people watched right along with me. The biggest college football crowd in the country on Saturday.

From the Barry Alvarez post game interview:
Q: What do you think of the game today?
A: Well, we were beaten by a very good football team today. They are very solid on both sides of the ball. I take my hat off to them. They create a lot of problems for you, especially offensively. They use all their weapons. Like Robinson, we had to take out that arm. Defensively, they have a really great line. My hat's off to Penn State.
They are a really good football team.
Yep, that pretty much says it all. That, and the fact that the Badgers had -11 yards rushing?? Yeah, THAT'S defense.

The loss does not negate the wonderful weather and the terrific time we all had tailgating before and after the game. We had two outdoor deep friers set up: One for sweet things like funnel cake and deep fried oreo cookies, and another frier for savory bits, which turned out gallons of fried oysters, chicken, onions, corn dogs, etc.. We also had some tremendous grilled tenderloin and dishes upon dishes of meatballs, dips, veggies, cheese, etc.... It was an amazing spread.

It was also a long day, beginning at 7:00 AM with a coffee and muffin run, meeting up at the Park and Ride in Hereford, and getting home about 1:00 AM on Sunday.

There were some good photos from the tailgate, the game, and the "Third Annual Washer Toss Championship" which I will post later.

Looks like we're at least headed to a BCS Bowl Game. Perhaps the Outback Bowl.
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Thursday, November 03, 2005
$75,000 in Bull Semen Is Stolen From Frederick Farm
Yeah -you read that correctly. From a 70 POUND semen tank no less.

Money quote: "It was a mother load of semen...."

Ummm - yeah.
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Past their expiration date
Two things that need to move on and have long exceeded their expiration date:

1. Karl Rove

2. Judith Miller of the NYT.

Just write the resignation letters already....go do your book deals and count the money.
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Secretary of Defense??
Donald Rumsfeld has recused himself from any government decisions regarding planning for a flu pandemic. The Secretary of DEFENSE - whose JOB it is to DEFEND the US, has technically said that: No, I'm not going to help our government plan for what may be one of the most serious threats to our nation in modern times. And he claims he's doing it on high ethical and moral grounds.

Why? Conflict of interest. Seems Rummy is a major stockholder and former Research Chairman for the Gilead Corporation. Makers of none other than Tamiflu, the only known drug to potentially be effective against the flu.

Funny thing is, the Pentagon is one of the world's largest consumers of Tamiflu to the tune of $58 million to keep our troops safe.

Rumsfeld doesn't see a conflict of interest in his conflict of interest? He holds anywhere from $5 - $25 million worth of Gilead stock, sure to increase, and yet, instead of doing his JOB by defending the country, he excuses himself and sits back to reap the rewards.

I don't know how this guy sleeps at night.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
"A pearl is always better in a nice setting"
The hallowed Michelin Red Guide with its three star rating system has taken New York by storm. Restaurants live and die by their rating system, and it's the first time they've reviewed a US city (Washington, LA and San Francisco should all be nervous).

For a foodie like me - it was an interesting article. Only one American born chef, Thomas Keller of The French Laundry fame in Napa / Yountville was awarded 3 stars for his NYC restaurant, Per Se.

The list has a dearth of what we consider to be our "celebrity chefs". Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Anthony Bourdain are no where to be seen. Mario Batalia has his gnochii in a bunch over what he considers a diss with just a one star award for his restaurant and blamed the volume of the music in his restaurant for the lack of stars, even though the Michelin director insists that the awards are based on the quality of the food, "a pearl is always better in a nice setting", he said.

Interestingly, while NY comes in second to Paris which has 72 starred restaurants, it has far more than London with a mere 34.

Ahh, so many restaurants, so little time (and $$$) to enjoy them!
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
It's Official
As James Taylor sang: "I got me some rockin pneumonia and the boogy woogy flu...."

In my case, the doc tells me its actually walking pneumonia, and it's the reason my voice has gone missing (not to mention the lousy cold).

You know, the new job has been great for me mentally, emotionally, and financially, but it's nearly killed me three times now in as many months.....

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Love Affair With A Bear Runs Afoul Of The Law
A father and son take in a bear cub as a pet, raise it as a family member for two years, and get in trouble with the law. Hilarious quotes by the father and son:

"We're not lying about it," says Rocky Perkett, 54, in his thick backwoods drawl. "We lived with her. We loved her. We treated her like a daughter."

But that kind of love is illegal in Oregon, and last week police raided their home and took Windfall.

"Everything they done here was unlegal," Rocky Perkett says. "Since it's all unlegal, I hope they will bring her back."

The bear likes people too much to be released into the wild, Anglin says.

"We're hicks. We're mountain men," Perkett says. "We took her because she was dying and we loved her.

"The only thing we did wrong was love one another," he says.
Ummm, I'm guessing that's not the only thing they did wrong with her. Ewwww.

HT: Fark
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