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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
The Joyful Duty of the Honesty of Service
I've missed a few important events here at Casa de Broadsheet over the last few weeks.

Lemme try and catch up, but not perhaps in chronological order.

I flew to Portland, OR early last Friday morning. When I landed, there was a news alert on my cell phone. "NBC 's Meet the Press News anchor Tim Russert is dead of a reported heart attack".

I was shocked. The first thing I said to my travel companion was; "isn't it ironic that he died on Fathers Day weekend - after all he wrote about Big Russ and his son".

Well, I didn't have time to react or watch anything other than a few seconds of CNN in my hotel room over the weekend, or for the next few days, until now.

His son Luke said that "there was never a day that went by that I didn't know my Dad loved me completely". That's the best memory / reality you can leave anyone. Hands down.

I wanted to embed the Springsteen video tribute here, but the best one is being hosted by CNN and I can't embed it directly, so here is the link.

Please go here....
to watch the tribute.
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