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Monday, June 02, 2008
You Gotta Have Friends....
Further proof (not that I needed any) that I live in the best neighborhood in the world: I got home around 5:15 PM thanks to an offsite meeting and promptly re-heated yummy leftovers from a Caribbean cookout I hosted on Saturday night for the neighbors. Jerk chicken with mango and black bean salsa, pigeon peas and rice, and fried plantains.

I have had not one, not two, but three offers of an impromptu dinner between then and 6:45. One neighbor simply made a big pot of soup and wanted to drop off a quart for me to have for dinner or lunch at work, another knows I usually work long hours and wanted to know if I just wanted to pop over for dinner on a spectacular summer evening, and yet another - who I had already planned on meeting at 7:00 to plan a party for another neighbor (the soup lady) this weekend, who offered to feed me dinner in the process.

Sigh...I love my neighbors.
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