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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Unfortunate Proximity
Today was my one month anniversary for the new job. It's a thrill ride, and I'm still figuring it out while quickly getting overwhelmed in an avalanche of projects. On top of that, this is budget week for FY09, and I have more than 50 cost centers to budget for with no insider knowledge of the real story behind the rolling budget spreadsheet information I am trying to analyze. I'm getting a lot of support from my CFO and VP, as well as my managers who feed information up to me, but I have a couple of long evenings and a working weekend ahead of me.

Overall, I am LOVING the job. Every day is different, tons of interesting projects, great people to work with, and a focus on strategic development and expansion. If I can keep up with the pace being set - it'll be great. I turned one of my vacant positions into an "Operations Coordinator" post. Someone who can do facility project management, create and execute Gantt charts, and be my go to person for all the facility renovations and site development I need. I have an ideal internal candidate, so I hope it's a slam dunk. I really need the help - the detail work is a total time suck.

I'm still getting out and about visiting all of our locations. Today, I went to visit a site in Perry Hall, where a retiring physician is donating his practice to us. Think Marcus Welby. Seriously, bad oak paneling in the office, mismatched furniture, exam tables from the 60's, and the bathroom has avocado fixtures that looked like they came from the Brady Bunch. All it needs is a crocheted toilet paper holder with the doll on top of the tank. I met with the contractor, architect, telecom rep, and our IT person to review drawings, fixtures, locations of data drops, connectivity through a T1 line, and placement of PCs, printers, copiers, scanners, the construction of ADA accessible facilities, and updating equipment that was older than me. We've hired the staff that work there now into our payroll, but the site doesn't even have email, so it's hard for me to communicate effectively with the manager.

On the way back to my office, going down Belair Rd., I passed the "Perry Hall Animal Hospital". Located immediately next door to it, with an even bigger sign, is "Tom's Tropical Fish and Taxidermy".

That's just not right.
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