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Saturday, April 12, 2008
Fish Out of Water
In a story straight out of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, a group of Masai Warriors are running in tomorrow's London Marathon. The Guardian is posting the diary of one of the runners. It's a must read.
"I miss meat and blood very much. Not vegetables because they are food for a woman. There is milk here but blood is better because it gives energy. English tea with sugar is good and we tried Coco Pops, but the nicest food is croissants."

"I am excited to get the marathon done and get clean water to save lives. We have a dam that we share with wild animals so every morning the children go to get water, it's dangerous for them. Some have lost their lives. Next week we will drill and get clean water for the top life. Then I would like to study community development in America so I can be a great chief to my people."
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