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Thursday, April 10, 2008
Time Flies
Is it Thursday already???

Sheesh. Time flies when you work full time, try to take care of a sick cat, and have the neighbors over for dinner mid week.

Juggling is my speciality, so somehow I managed.

Pumpkin is doing much better. Thanks for all the emails, phone calls and concern. He's still living in the bathroom for now, but he's using the litterbox, eating and drinking. He's still in a fair amount of pain when he urinates, but I think the new food and antibiotics are helping. He goes back to the vet Monday morning, and I may let him out to see how he does in the house for a few well supervised hours this weekend.

Had a few neighbors over for dinner last night. I was trying to recreate the stuffed hot banana pepper dish that my friend and I had at a little Italian place in Uniontown during our spa vacation. Seemed to be a success. I had leftovers for dinner this evening. In keeping with the banana theme, my friends brought the making for banana split sundaes for dessert.

Fun night, and I fielded a birthday phone call from my friend in China wishing me a happy 40 something this Friday.

Sadly, as the newbie at work, I have meetings back to back all day tomorrow till 5:30.

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