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Friday, March 07, 2008
Geek Update
OK, so after more fumbling around this morning, I FINALLY got the Cable Box and TV working together beautifully, and after sifting around the Tivo support web page and not finding the answer I was looking for, I broke down and called them. A brief clarification answered my own question, and now I just have to plug everything back together and and we should be in business.

Trying to do something like this when I am at the height of my monthly, crampy, hormonal self is probably one of the worst, and most frustrating things I could have picked to really piss myself off, but there you have it.

However, tonight is Friday, so I think there will be an HD new release movie from On Demand and popcorn and wine in my future! I'm thinking Elizabeth, the Golden Age, would suffice nicely. A powerful woman movie when I am feeling less than powerful in my technical abilities and overcome with XX chromosome frailties at the moment.

I might also treat myself to a nice steak and salad for dinner. I bought the ingredients to try and recreate the dark rum, bleu cheese, island pepper sauce I had in the islands. If it works, I'll post the recipe, and then bottle it and make a fortune.

UPDATE: No fortune in the first attempt at the sauce, but now I know what to do. I used too much rum and didn't reduce the rum enough to burn off the alcohol, which gave it a bitter taste. Bleu cheese was about right if I reduce the rum enough, and I overdid the peppers - it was too hot, and didn't let the cheese through. I had the foresight to serve the sauce on the side, so I didn't wreck a nice piece of tenderloin while I experiment. The next batch should be close to perfect, but this may be a fun thing to work on, master, and make my own. I still think I'm missing a secret ingredient. Maybe some caramelized onions? It was a smooth sauce, so it was cooked and/or blended.

PS Did I mention the HDTV rocks? It's like getting a new pair of glasses, or the Claritin commercial when they peel back the film and all the color is exposed. Wow.
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