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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Building a Legacy

We have a piece of creek front property that's been in my family for going on five generations now. My grandfather had built a small, very simple, cabin on the property back in the 40's, and I have lots of fond memories of summers spent with my family and cousins, swimming in the creek and camping out for a few weeks every summer, and on weekends when we would go out for a cookout.

The cabin deteriorated thanks to time, the elements, and the fact that we hardly used the property when we all went to college and got too busy to get together, or put the work necessary into repairs and upkeep on a cabin made from Depression era scraps. The cabin finally collapsed, we salvaged some antiques and collectibles, and we burned what remained.

We all had visions of rebuilding a new cottage on the site, but until my Dad retired last year, none of us had the time, talent, or $$ to pull it off.

Well, this is the year of the Phoenix, and out of the ashes of the old cottage, a new, larger, much more modern and useful dwelling is going up.

When I came home just six weeks ago in June, the foundation posts had been poured and we retrieved the boat dock from a neighbor about a mile down the creek after it was ripped from its mooring in the winter ice.

Here's what it looked like just eight weeks ago:

Thanks to my Dad working with a construction crew consisting of a burly ex Marine, and three Amish guys in hats, dark shirts and suspenders, this is what it looks like just eight weeks later:

The roof is on, the walls are up, the windows are in, and we now have phone, electricity, and after yesterday - water. Water means a bathroom, which is a big improvement over the old outhouse! Yesterday, we had a family "work weekend", and got a lot done! Pavers laid, the roof was put on the shed, stairs were built, the work lot was cleaned up, piles of wood were moved and organized, and thanks to some weekend contractors, wiring was done and pipe was laid. The dark brown areas on the cabin will be faced with stone, as will the entire front of the cottage which has a huge fireplace facing the creek front.

Here's another view:

The large wooden "box" in the front is waiting for the fireplace. There is another fireplace facing the inside of the cottage as well. And perhaps the best view of all - down the creek in front of the cottage from the deck:

We got home last night after dark, muddier, dirtier, and sweatier than I've been in a long time, and my legs and back are feeling it this morning.

Building a family legacy? Priceless.
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3 Editorial Opinions:
  • At August 19, 2007, Anonymous anger hangover said…

    Would your family consider adopting a thirty-something daughter?

  • At August 19, 2007, Blogger Malnurtured Snay said…

    I love all the windows! It looks bright and airy!

  • At August 19, 2007, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Snay - it really is. It has a great loft with three sleeping areas that will sleep up to six people, and there will be seats along the windows that can convert to sleeping areas as well. I can't wait to spend time there next summer.

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