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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Mid Summer's Night Dream
Hi folks - I ran back to the People's Republic of Pennsylvania for a long weekend and to celebrate a few family birthdays.

Every summer, you might be lucky enough to experience that one perfect summer day, where the weather, people and activities all align to create the Perfect Storm of enjoyment. Friday was such a day.

The weather was cool, clear, and just perfect. I did nothing more strenuous than lay by the pool with an ice tea and a good book, and found the perfect balance between floating in the pool and lounging in the shade reading.

That evening, we had been invited to friends of my parents for a hayride and BBQ at their home. OK, a hayride and BBQ you say? Not just any hayride when these two beauties are your horsepower. Meet the Boys. Billy and Bo. They are 5 year old brothers and perfectly matched Percheron geldings in all their tack.

And when you hook them up to their "Haycart", a wonderful antique wagon that our hosts found in Quebec, the term "hayride" gets pumped to a whole new level.

We piled siblings, parents, family and friends into the cart, and enjoyed a long trek through PA hay fields and farmland for nearly an hour before returning to the farm house where we enjoyed a summer feast of beef BBQ on homemade rolls, fresh corn on the cob picked that day, tomatoes fresh from the garden, iced tea, lemonade, and a big birthday cake for my sister and my brother, whose birthdays are three days apart.

The evening got cool - you needed a sweater to continue sitting out on the enormous porch of the farmhouse overlooking the pond. Just before the sun set, our host pulled another toy from his garage, and took my lucky brother for a birthday spin in his restored '59 Triumph.

Yep - the Perfect Storm of great weather, special people, and a wonderful evening of everyone getting together. It was truly a perfect day. Yet to be followed by another one - although quite different.....
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