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Monday, July 16, 2007
Civic Duty
I'm off to sit in the City Courthouse building with the unwashed masses of Baltimore's mean streets for the day. My annual right of civic duty for the city.

I am juror #723 until 4:30 this afternoon, and they called jurors #1 - 900.

Last year, I dragged the laptop along thinking I could get some work done, and live blog the day's events, but it's more trouble than it's worth, and frankly, not worth blogging about. You have to pay $10 for internet access, and then every 30-40 minutes you have to pack up all your stuff to go stand in a line, move to a new room, etc... and there really isn't any good space to sit and work.

So, today I am happily taking along the latest issue of Vanity Fair, and a good book on the history of China to while away my time.

I've been chosen to sit on a jury two out of the last three times I've gone, so I'm hoping I have a legitimate reason to recuse myself this time.

I'll be back later with the results. Hey, at least I get to wear khakis and sandals instead of a suit and heels.
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