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Saturday, March 10, 2007
Girly Girl
After gloriously sleeping in till 8:00 this morning, and working on the computer (reconfiguring some software, cleaning up stuff) while enjoying Greek Yoghurt and coffee, I had a lovely, totally social, shopping / lunch date with my boss, followed by a hair appointment.

From there - it was off to the bookstore to pick up some travel guides and books on China, including the controversial "Mao: The Unknown Story". It's been banned in China, so a certain ex-pat who is now living in Beijing, whom I plan on visiting, and who is known to peruse this blog from time to time, might also like to know that it is on its way to her. I thought I would tell you here, rather than risking an email or phone call interception, since the packages I have sent you thus far seem to have been opened during transit by the cultural police. If it does not arrive - we'll know that it too, was "intercepted". Oh, and let me know offline if I need to send any additional supplies. We won't mention the book.

So.....after the book store, it was the usual stop by the wine shop to try and find more of the Pinot Noir that I enjoyed during the week, and to pick up some basic groceries.

Home, and a one hour gabfest with my friend in RI, before lighting a fire, pouring the wine, and making a nice dinner of pistachio crusted cod on spinach and mushroom risotto.

And now it's off to watch "Marie Antoinette" - with Kirsten Dunst.

Shopping, hair, wine, books, food, and a chick flick - girly girl day. With a little international intrigue on the side.
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1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At March 11, 2007, Anonymous Betty B in BJ said…

    Oh gee thx for the book on Mao. I'll let U know (a) if I'm not invited for a walk by the cops; or (b) that it arrived safely. I take it you didn't care to include a bottle of that luscious Pinoh that you raved about. Maybe the 'Great Wall Wine' police might confiscate it and find out what real wine tastes like. All is 4given as long as you remember to pack a bottle for ur trip...

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