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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Hollywood in Baltimore - Old Hollywood that is....
This time, it's none other than Bruce Willis, trying to squeeze blood out of the stone called his career and from the "Die Hard" series with one last gasp as an aging action hero in "Live Free or Die Hard". One can only hope he accomplishes the latter this time...

I mean, what's next? Rocky VI? Wait - it gets worse - stay tuned for Rambo IV. I kid you not - and the guy just turned SIXTY!! That's pathetic, not inspirational.

Meanwhile, back in Bawlmore, lots of city streets will be closed off for filming this week.

When I ran to Whole Foods yesterday, I decided to avoid the one in Mt. Washington due to the Virgin Festival taking place at Pimlico, and instead, ran down to the Inner Harbor. What I wasn't prepared for were the low flying helicopters filming a chase scene and the sound of gunfire (albeit blanks). I can get plenty of police helicopters and real gunfire right in my own neighborhood thank you. Luckily, traffic wasn't directly affected where I was headed and other than rubber neckers, it didn't take too long.

Either way, I'll wait for the DVD on this one.....
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