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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Summer Goodness

I headed home this past weekend for a surprise B-Day party for my brother at our family cottage in Northwestern PA. I swung by the Amish Farmer's Market in Cockeysville on my way out of town to collect what I thought were supposed to be 5 dozen bratwurst, but thanks to a cultural misunderstanding with the Amish woman in the meat department, turned out to be 5 dozen bockwurst instead. No harm, they were gorgeous veal sausages instead of pork, grilled up just great, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Very German.

Kayaking, fishing, volleyball, horseshoes, bonfires, kids, good food, family, and friends. Summer just doesn't get better than that.

Although I could do without the half dozen mosquito bites I acquired on my ankles.....

The day after the party, my sister and I slept in at my parent's house, had a lovely brunch on the patio and slummed in the pool on floats with my parents, enjoying a perfect summer day.

And then I climbed back in the car and drove another 5.5 hours back to Baltimore....

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of the feast my sisters and I made at the cabin the night before the party while we were rocking out to music, drinking wine, and decorating the cottage with embarassing baby photos of my brother with adulterated cutouts from tabloids.

(photo courtesy of youngest sister)
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