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Monday, July 28, 2008
Whales and Bubbles
This Beluga whale blows bubble rings out of its mouth to the amusement of visitors in Japan...

(Getty/AFP photo by Kazuhiro Nogi / July 26, 2008)

Meanwhile, this Antarctic Minke whale blows bubbles of a different nature - unveiling the true cause of global warming....

Oh.. and that pink stream? It's called a "faecal plume", i.e. whale poop.
posted by Broadsheet @ 11:47 PM  
4 Editorial Opinions:
  • At July 29, 2008, Blogger anonymouscoworker said…

    Someone's had a few too many shrimp cocktails.

  • At July 29, 2008, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    ACW: You're actually right! The primary food for this species of whale in the Antarctic is krill, and it happens to be light pink like shrimp. They filter thousands of gallons of seawater a day to strain thousands of pounds of the tiny crustacean for food.

  • At July 29, 2008, Blogger simply scott said…

    the poor Mink whale!! it seems like the boys down on Tobacco Road in NC got to him, too, and now he's a pack-a-day whale!!! will cigarettes never stop destroying our planet!!!

  • At July 29, 2008, Blogger Broadsheet said…

    Scott: pssst! Right metaphor, wrong whale - that would be the Beluga, unless you're smoking something out your ass. But if that's your judgement ;-)

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