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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
The Darwin Awards have two new winners
Our first contestant:

Man climbing tree to retrieve Frisbee dies after falling 30 feet"

And the winner is...

Man killed peeing on live train track

The tag line for this one? "The man, a 41-year-old married teacher from Poland, is believed to have been on a visit to Britain to improve his English. "

Insert ethnic joke here.
posted by Broadsheet @ 6:48 PM  
3 Editorial Opinions:
  • At July 23, 2008, Blogger anonymouscoworker said…

    Regarding the second guy, I thought the Mythbusters busted the "peeing on a train track" myth.

    Anyway, happy hour Aug 1, pass it on.

  • At July 23, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What if your standing on the tracks? Polish version of Mythbusters.

  • At July 23, 2008, Blogger simply scott said…

    We used to get those every few months when I was in the Navy. There was always some soldier, sailor, airman or Marine killing themselves in the most retarded ways!

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