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Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Extreme Home Makeover
While I was busy keeping my leg propped up on pillows with an ice pack for the last five days, my parents descended upon my house like the crew from Extreme Home Makeover to look after my recovery and took on tasks that I either haven't been able to do with my knee all screwed up since April (i.e. anything requiring lifting, bending, or stairs), things I am not handy enough to do, or things that simply require two people to accomplish.

So, after five days, a daily trip to Lowe's, and much swearing, grunting, and pounding....

1. I have a garden gate that finally swings freely, closes securely, and is well attached to the garden wall.
2. I have a new towel bar and tissue holder in the powder room (and my neighbor got the towel bar in her mother in law apt., fixed as well).
3. I acquired a few new tools in the process.
4. All my knives are professionally sharpened to the point that I can shave translucent slices of onion thinner than paper.
5. I have a new, lighted workbench and storage shelves in my basement storage room, and the room is lined with pegboard, shelving, and all manner of brackets and hooks to organize my tools.
6. My garden is weeded, trimmed, pruned, raked, and watered. It's blooming like crazy and the flowers looks wonderful.
7. Blinds were installed in my guest room and den, and valances were hung in the living room and kitchen.
8. My security lights were re-wired to permit motion detection and other features.
9. The chandelier in the atrium has all new light bulbs and was thoroughly cleaned till it gleams - it's really bright at night!
10. The overhead fluorescent lights in the laundry room work again.
11. A trip to the dump in my parent's SUV got rid of bags of trash, window screens and building materials I had sitting in the basement just waiting for a large truck or other vehicle to haul them away.
12. The large, heavy, brass, beautifully patinaed letter that I got from an architectural salvage yard from an old building sign, was hung on my garden wall, and gives the garden a great look.

Oh - and we had some really nice dinners, cocktails and wine in the garden this week.

My knee is getting much better. The swelling goes down daily, the bruising is less angry and purple, although I still need crutches to get around outside the house, and the stitches don't come out till next week.

I am going to attempt to crutch my way in to work tomorrow - we'll see how it goes.
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