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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
I guess I have to buy him something
I am having knee surgery on Friday. Nothing big, just a little arthroscopy to trim up the torn cartilage from when I blew it out back in April.

While am in the recovery room having an anesthetic hangover, fellow blogger Anonymous Coworker is hosting the final Happy Hour of his blogging career, which will end on August 27 despite bribes and wailing for him to continue.

Here are the details as provided by ACW and edited for content by moi:

Who: ACW and Balto bloggers
What: A happy hour to celebrate, venerate, and adulate ACW
When: Friday, August 1st, let’s say 6pm
(this content edited as NSFW by blog administrator)
Where: Don’t Know Tavern 1453 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
Why: Because ACW is so f@#$%n' awesome and he deserves it and you really really want to buy him a beer for providing so many pants-wettingly excellent laughs over the years.

Have one for me guys....
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