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Monday, August 27, 2007
Tax Season
Dear Internet,

I know I have been less than punctual in keeping Broadsheet up to date this summer. First, there was the whole floor refinishing debacle, which has really stressed me out, distracted me, and has left me homeless off and on for the last five weeks or so. Now, I am in what I deem "Tax Season".

Ever since I got this job, I inherited an annual event. Every year, I now host a 9 day, international conference for about 300 surgeons, and right in the middle of it, I throw a huge charity fund raiser sporting event featuring a former Tour de France rider that raises more than a quarter of a million bucks. Hint, hint - I need volunteers and/or bikers and runners! If you are around this Sunday - contact me for volunteer or race info. It's a lot of fun, there will be a band, food and beer - but you have to get up early. I need volunteers at 5:30 AM - yes AM - to pull this off. You'll get a T-shirt and goodie bag for your efforts!

In addition to the fund raiser, there are receptions, dinner parties and harbor cruises every night of the week - in addition to my real job. We're talking 15-17 hour days at a minimum for the next two weeks.

Shortly after this event is over, I am going to be hosting a horde of lovely Dutch folks from Holland (ummm - where else would they be from?) for the upcoming wedding of my two favorite people in the world, and then just two days later, leaving for China for about 20 days.

The blogger formerly known as Zenchick is house/kitty sitting for me in my absence, so I'll see if I can coerce her into keeping you all amused with guest blog posts while I'm gone, but I apologize for my recent paucity of posts and the fact that it ain't gettin any better soon.

BUT - I will have AWESOME photos and posts about some of the most remote regions of China when I get back - so stay tuned......
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  • At August 28, 2007, Anonymous Kim said…

    Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

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