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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Wardrobe Malfunction
The floor guys told me that they would refinish the living and dining rooms areas first, and then start on the kitchen and front hallway next week.

Great. That meant I could get in my front door for a few more days and retrieve clothes from the bedroom and some papers from the den. I was in kind of a rush when I left on Sunday night, and just grabbed a few days worth of stuff.

So...I get home last night, check on the cats (fine - no more damage), and head home to get the mail and scoop up a few more outfits and shoes, along with some papers I needed for a meeting this evening.

The front door won't budge. They've placed the heavy, teak bookcases from the living room against the front door. I ran around to the back and looked inside. The floors look amazing! They stripped and sanded yesterday. They hadn't yet laid the first coat of varnish, so I could walk on the floor if I needed to, but they had placed the teak TV armoire in front of the stairs. Completely blocked. No way in for now.

I'm really hoping my good black suit and a few extra pairs of pants are at the dry cleaners, and I may have to use this as an excuse to pick up some new duds. My hostess is about a size 6, so borrowing clothes is not an option.

My brown suit is going to get old by this time next week.
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