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Friday, March 16, 2007
Go Big Red!!!
Well, my Badgers are struggling to break .500 in men's hockey this year, but the men's basketball team is ranked #2 in the Midwest, and is taking on Texas A&M Corpus Christi today to see if they can advance to the Sweet Sixteen!!

If they win today, they play UNLV, and THAT would be a great game. And of course, if they and the Maryland Terps can make the Elite 8 - they would face off for the Midwest Championship! Go Badgers!!

UPDATE: Wisconsin over the Aggies ISLANDERS 76 - 63. Bring on the Rebels!!

UPDATE#2: And while we're on the subject, can someone tell me why Pittsburgh is in the WEST Conference, Ohio State is in the SOUTHERN conference, and Maryland is in the MIDWEST?? I mean seriously, I would like to know. It seems awfully arbitrary. And why is there no NORTH conference at all?

Meanwhile, I am happy that all the schools I have attended, worked for, or taught for, are represented so far in the tournament, so GO: Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Ohio State and Maryland!! Does Hopkins have a basketball team? (just kidding Division III).
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1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At March 17, 2007, Anonymous SC said…

    Wisconsin didn't beat Texas A&M. They beat Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, who are the Islanders and not the Aggies. They're also the Southland Conference's finest, which doesn't say much about the Southland Conference.

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