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Sunday, December 10, 2006
Tis the Season
When I got back from Florida last weekend, I simply couldn't adjust to the fact that Christmas was nigh. Everyone's decorations were up, the music was blaring in every store and on every radio station. When I innocently tried to go to the grocery store after being out of town for nearly two weeks, I ran smack into the Mayor's Holiday parade in Hampden, and quite literally into the Mayor Martin O'Malley himself, when his car passed in front of mine at the parade staging lane, and I was forced to listen to perhaps the worst music of all.....poorly played carols by less than talented high school marching bands. I just wasn't ready for the sudden onslaught of Holiday frenzy.

I got to run smack into the Mayor / governor-elect again last night, but this time it was up close and personal at a social event. With the release of the "Iraq Study Group Report" this week, all 22 Ambassadors to the major Arab countries were recalled to Washington for meetings and briefings. buddy the Ambassador is back in town this week from Algeria.

I had been invited to attend the Maryland Democratic Party's Holiday party held least evening at the Beaux Arts building of MICA, just a few blocks away, so I met the Ambassador at his house, and we walked to the party together. It was very posh, the location is just stunning, and all the political movers and shakers were in attendance. While the Ambassador chatted the Governor-elect up about port tarriffs, terrorism, and trade with North Africa, I stood dumbly by his side, and then, when when he stopped to acknowledge my presence and asked what I did, I barely managed to answer him and mumbled something pathetic about the Maryland Health Care for All Coalition. I was totally tongue tied, and then he was whisked away to talk to some other adoring constituents. Way to go Broadsheet. And can I just say how incredibly HOT our new governor is?? Oh. My. Goodness. He could give George Clooney a run for his money. His wife, Judge Katie O'Malley, was securely by his side all evening, and no slouch herself in the looks department.

The reception was over by 7:30, and the Ambassador and I had just enough time to run down the street and catch Handel's Messiah at the Myerhoff. I honestly think that last night's performance was the best choral performance I have ever heard. The soloists were mixed: the soprano was just perfect - bright, shiny, crisp, and strong. So was the bass, but the alto and tenor were merely adequate in light of the absolutely stunning performance of the choir. They were so SHARP - every note was distinct and spot on. When everyone stood to sing the Hallelujah Chorus - Christmas suddenly hit home, and now it feels right.

It may feel right, but I am so hopelessly behind, it's not funny. I have done NOTHING. I ordered some pretty canning jars to make the gifts I want to give the neighbors and co-workers, but I have a few evenings of work ahead of me to create them, and now we're down to one more weekend and a few more days, many of which have evening commitments for meetings, holiday open houses, etc....

The Ambassador is having a dinner party this evening. I'm making appetizers.

I love the Holidays, but I hate the stress. Ho, ho, ho.
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