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Thursday, December 21, 2006
It's a Girl!
Continuing with the birth and new arrivals theme this week, I have a new niece!!

Her name is Suzy, and she is 11 months old. A toddler, really.

My sister the professor, lost one of her cats earlier this year after a long and happy life, and while she still has the brother of that cat, he is now lonely and depressed without his little buddy around.

The 4 year old son of my sister's best friend found Suzy wandering around the yard a few weeks ago and they took her in. From all accounts she is a sweet, mellow, loving kitty, and if not entirely pure bred, certainly has a lot of Ocicat in her blood (large ears, narrow face, lots of spots, and amber/orange eyes - my tabby has green eyes).

I'll get to meet her this weekend when I go home. Looks like I have more Xmas shopping to do! (Mrs. ACW is not the only one who buys Xmas gifts for their pets!)

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