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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Little Maids All In A Row

This is the first of three batches of "Tomato Confit" I made last night till 2:00 AM. Actually, I've been making it since Saturday since each batch required roasting the tomatoes for 18 hours at low temp in the oven, and I had to borrow two oven racks from the neighbor to fit all eight baking sheets in the oven. Betchya didn't know Broadsheet was all crafty-like didjya? Relax, I'm not, but I do love to cook.

I printed up pretty labels, a recipe card, slap a bow on them, and voila! Martha Stewart comes to Bolton Hill.

Layers of oven roasted / dried tomatoes with slivers of garlic and sprigs of marjoram in good EVOO. Drain them, chop them, and spread them on bruschetta, or toss them in pasta with some goat cheese and grilled chicken. They're not chewy like sun dried tomatoes, they are soft, flavorful and very tomato-ey. A little bit of summer in the middle of winter, and the colors are festive too. I got to test drive a jar that didn't achieve that all important vaccuum seal for some reason for dinner this evening.

Speaking of which, I'm hoping I did this right and don't give everyone a case of Holiday botulism....

I'm sure that never happens to Martha. Posted by Picasa
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