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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Cliff Notes
  1. I am really, seriously, busy right now; as in no time to blog.
  2. The Korean mini-mart in my neighborhood had these packs of Korean cookie/crackers on the counter as a promotion . I asked my buddy Alex, the Korean store owner, if they were any good, and he tossed a small package into my purchase for free last week. Oh. My. God. I am SO addicted to these things!!! I can't tell you the name since the entire package is labeled in Korean, but they are light, crisp, sweet, and are PERFECT with tea. They sell them in large packs, which I hastily purchased, and they are now my nightly ritual with herbal tea before bed. Sooooo . Good.
  3. Check back later.....
posted by Broadsheet @ 10:00 PM  
1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At December 15, 2006, Anonymous The Nomad said…, howdya think "they're light, sweet, crisp and PERFECT wtih tea" translates to Chinglish. Otherwise, just copy the Korean script and I'll sure as hell try to find them...

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