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Monday, December 11, 2006
Christmas Lists
I warned him I would blog this.....

Tis the season for people to send their parents, spouses, children, and other relatives their Xmas wish list. When I was a kid, this was the Sears catalog with lots of dog eared pages.


I am old.




Later on, it became a bunch of different catalogs (L.L Bean, Pottery Barn, Lands End, etc...) with Post-it-Notes next to the things you most desired.

Nowadays, it's, or any other host of web site vendors that provide the opportunity for you to select items you wish to receive, put them on a "list", and email that list to all the people that you think might buy you a gift. Suddenly, Xmas has become one big Wedding Registry.

So, with the Holiday Season feeling in mind, my brother sent me his "wish list". No, not from Amazon. Noooo, not from some hunting and fishing catalog. Noooo, my brother sent his wish list to this site: "Tools and woodworking hardware since 1954". Better yet, the list included this unique item, that every serious woodworker needs.

I swear, my brother and ACW were switched at birth.
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