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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Staff meeting
Well, it's only 8:30 in the morning and my makeup is ruined for the day.

I just came from the weekly meeting with my staff where I dropped the bomb to over 50 people that I am leaving. Stunned silence. Mouths open. I had quietly tried to get around to the physicians and other people I am closest to late yesterday afternoon to tell them in person. This was not news that I wanted people that I care for, learning via a broadcast email or in the hallway. I asked for them to keep my confidence until I had a chance to tell the majority of the staff this morning, and I broke the news to my satellite clinics over the phone yesterday. So now it's public knowledge and the broadcast email can go out.

I managed to keep it together in the meeting, and through a round of hugs and well wishes, but I had to come in my office, close the door and have a good sniffle afterwards. This is gonna hurt.

Apparently, the news also broke at my new job yesterday that I had formally accepted their offer. I got a sprinkling of emails from people I had interviewed with expressing their delight in my coming to work there. It's nice to feel wanted.
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