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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Driving Excitement
Volvo has a new line of ads out promoting the safety features of their sedans to families. The twist is that they are openly (and refreshingly, I might add), promoting them to gay and lesbian families.
Volvo's print campaign for the XC90 shows two men and a baby, and a women embracing her pregnant partner, with the headline, "Whether you're starting a family or creating one as you go." Another image shows two men warmly embracing their Yorkie, pictured with the C70 sedan.

The text reads, "Some families are carefully planned. Others, you just meet along the way. Whoever makes up your family, think about making Volvo a part of it." The ad also says Volvo will donate $500 to the Human Rights Campaign when a vehicle is purchased or leased.
I think this is great, and I especially like the ad that they ran in the Sydney Mardi Gras brochure:

I think it takes real guts for Volvo to do something this direct in its marketing campaign - especially in light of the conservative Christian right we have in this misguided country. As a straight woman - I have to admit I like the ad above as much as the next guy ;-)

UPDATE: I should have known. I posted this an hour ago, only to read just now that the American Family Association is boycotting Ford (owner of Volvo) in opposition to these ads. Don't you people have anything better to do?? No use in my getting all upset, Paul Feig over at the Huffington Post blasts them for me.
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3 Editorial Opinions:
  • At June 01, 2005, Blogger AnonymousCoworker said…

    Now there can be no argument that Volvo doesn't LOVE a huge cock...pit.

  • At June 02, 2005, Blogger Neckbone said…

    No, they don't have anything better to do. They are a bunch of loveless, constipated and dried-up people who have ordained themselves as keepers of our morality. I want to hit them all with gallon jugs of trucker piss.

  • At June 02, 2005, Blogger Robert said…

    Well, sex sells.

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