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Friday, May 27, 2005
Homeward Bound
I'm just about to hit the showers and finish packing a few things before throwing it all in the (newly tuned up) car and heading to the bucolic backwater town of Butler, PA for the holiday weekend.

It is my niece's 12th (!!) birthday today, and a family party is planned along with some much needed just hanging out with my parents, siblings and their progeny. I haven't been home in 6 months, and my Mom had a bit of a health scare this week, that thankfully turned out to be a complete false alarm, so there is some celebrating to do!

It's a beautiful, cool, sunny spring day, so I'm looking forward to the drive west through the mountains this time, instead of the white knuckle, nail biting trips I took last fall during the floods, and at Christmas during an ice storm. Got the trip music all picked out, and I just have to stop at the fish market and grab some live soft shell crabs to throw in a cooler or my Dad will never forgive me. They are his favorite Chesapeake Bay delicacy this time of year...

Will blog (maybe with pics!) this weekend. Have a wonderful holiday everyone.
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1 Editorial Opinions:
  • At May 27, 2005, Blogger jennetic said…

    Have a great time!

    I know what you mean about the drive through the mountains- I try to only take it between May and September (I got caught in a snow storm last April!). It's gorgeous scenery now, though.

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