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Saturday, October 11, 2008
It's been a wild week. So here's where we are:

1. My computer guy thinks my laptop might need a new power board. That would be good news. A $150 fix and I'm back in business. Otherwise, I may be using a weekend loaner from our IT group for a while, and will be limited to weekend blogging. Advice regarding new laptops is welcome, but I think I'm going to wait for the new MacBook release on 10/14 and take advantage of some expected price drops if I have to replace the old HP.

2. Someone hacked my PayPal account and managed to get away with nearly $1,000. PayPal assures me that they are working on it, and so far they have retrieved $200 and stopped another $850 from being taken, but my checking account is lighter by $900 and that hurts. It also means I won't be buying a new computer anytime soon.

3. Coming home from a neighborhood meeting on Tuesday night, I saw a large shadow on my garden wall which I assumed was the neighbor's cat. Until I saw the long, hairless, tail.... It was an opossum. In Bolton Hill. On my garden wall. I had heard other neighbors tell of seeing it, but the sucker is BIG. What's next - a black bear in the city?

4. I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Tom Fenton the other night at an intimate gathering in the neighborhood. As you might recall, Tom was the CBS News Bureau Chief in London for many years, and still lives there. What you may not know, is that he is a Baltimore native who attended Gillman and worked for the Baltimore Sun before his career with CBS. Terrific discussion about his travels and his views on the media, the election, and the Middle East.

5. Today is our very own Festival on the Hill. It's a beautiful fall day. Come out and meet your neighbors, have some great food, enjoy some great music, and have a generally great time. I know I will.
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  • At October 16, 2008, Blogger simply scott said…

    This last weekend, which I spent with my kids, was the beginning of the final gasp of Indian Summer. It was nice to get out and volunteer to hand out drinks at mile 16 of the Balt Marathon, and hopefully that taught my kids something. It's getting cold starting tomorrow -- I'm looking forward to it!

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